Stand out from the crowd

Few companies do as much under one roof as iPrint. We don’t just put ink on paper – we truly complete the job. In fact when it comes to finishing and binding, you’ll find our post print offerings are second to none.

Document binding

We have invested around £500,000 in machinery to ensure we can offer a range of finishing styles including perfect binding, saddle stitching, wiro binding, spiral binding, punching and drilling. We also own an expensive laminator machine to ensure perfect finishes last for years.

If we’re getting a bit too technical here, this is a run down in layman’s terms of some of the binding options we offer.

PERFECT BINDING: Think of a paperback book and you’ll know what we mean. Everything is glued together at the spine with the cover being made of heavier paper or card. There is quite a bit more to it than that, but hopefully you get the picture. Perfect binding is perfect for large annual reports.

SADDLE STITCHING: Paper is folded and secured at the fold by a stitch or staple. Often seen on church magazines and school jotters.

WIRO BINDING: Your old map of Great Britain was probably a good example of this. Loops of wire or plastic are fitted the length of the spine. Ideal for reports, presentations or proposals up to 35mm thick. Wiro binding also allows certain pages to be removed without trace when the need arises. Wiro binding creates flexible documents as even covers can be folded backwards on themselves without causing any damage.

SPIRAL BINDING: Also known as coil binding, the process involves tighter loops than wiro binding. You can opt for plastic, metal or uPVC. Punched pages are threaded onto a C shaped spine for added durability. A special tool then squeezes the spine until it forms a complete circle. The process allows for a 360 degree rotation of documents, making tasks such as note taking that much easier. Spiral binding is suitable for school diaries and planners.

DIE CUTTING AND CREASING: Whether you need wallet folders, pop-up cards, press out shapes or special packaging, rest assured we have the equipment and know-how to exceed your expectations.

LAMINATING: Most printers don’t offer in-house lamination. They will usually send the job to a specialist finisher which can mean a minimum extra charge of around £150. We charge you a third of that. You can opt for a matt or anti-scuff finish for ultimate protection, but for that extra luxury you can’t beat our new soft touch laminate. It does exactly what it says on the tin. In fact we think it’s as smooth as velvet!

TEST PRINT RUNS FOR LITHO PRINT: Litho print jobs are not cheap and mistakes can prove expensive on high volume runs. That’s why we offer a test run service. We can produce a small number of books or catalogues – even just one or two copies – so artists and clients can check everything is as they envisaged. From a technical point of view, bleeds and other aspects can also be scrutinised. View our test runs as a valuable insurance policy.